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    I bought two French visitors an Oyster card each and put £10 on each.

    Before despatching them off for a day out in Central London, I impressed upon them the need to swipe out at each Tube station exit, otherwise they would pay for the maximum journey, but hopefully £10 would more than cover the Travelcard capped fare of around £8.50

    They emerged at a station, Notting Hill, I think, having travelled from our local station, Ealing Broadway on the Central Line. One card on being presented to the Oyster reader, didn’t flash green but the turnstile was open anyway and a LT employee waved her through as there was a bit of a crush. She was worried because of my earlier warning so decided to swipe OUT immediately and re-enter via an adjacent, different turnstile. This appears to have triggered some immediate penalty fare on her card and it was declared to be in deficit or out of credit. The LT employee said that she would need to put more money on the card. I was a bit indignant at this unannounced penalty (I mean maybe it’s in the T&C somewhere but it isn’t obvious to visitors) and at the LT employee waving her through without informing her of the possible ramifications, and admittedly a bit shamefaced that I hadn’t thought about this scenario.

    So my question is this, are these penalties written down anywhere and what is the best line to take with LT employees if they wave you through without a successful read at the turnstile?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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