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Have your say in our forum

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our new forum at oysterfares.com.  I’ll answer any questions raised there, but additionally you may get a quicker response from other users.  Because it’s a separate site you’ll need to register and login before you can post.

Long-standing site visitors may remember a previous forum several years ago which suffered some technical issues and had to close.  The new one is a more robust version which will be more reliable.

New OSIs at Woolwich and Highbury

A couple of new OSIs have been added to the list on this site.  There is a new entrance to Highbury & Islington station in Highbury Station Road and this OSI links the new entrance to the existing main entrance.

In a victory for this site, TfL have added a new OSI between the National Rail and DLR stations at Woolwich Arsenal. This has been a major source of overcharging since a Covid one-way system closed the interchange within the station.  The OSI will remain even after the end of the one-way system which will benefit people who inadvertantly use the wrong exit.