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Paddington Gates Overcharging

It’s come to my notice that there is a problem for travelcard holders on Oyster with the gates for platforms 2-5 at Paddington. If you travel in from the West using a ticket to the boundary of the highest zone on your travelcard, then touch out using your travelcard at those gates, you will be charged a fare from Heathrow using Heathrow Express. The same will also apply in reverse. That’s a £22/£25 interest free loan to TfL until the help desk issues a refund.

TfL are aware of the issue and I’m waiting for a response.

2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty strange considering Heathrow Express is almost exclusively booked for Platform 7

  2. Hi Donnie,

    Indeed. I think the same settings may be being used for all the low numbered platforms. Apart from HEx, all other users should be using contactless so won’t have the same problem.

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