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New Fares for 2020

In amongst all the election stuff and other sensational news stories, the Mayor released his decision on fares for next year.  It’s pretty much as expected – bus, tube, dlr, most London Overground, most TfL Rail and National Rail inter-available single fares all frozen for the 4th year.  Other National Rail fares and caps/travelcards all rise in line with DfT advice to the TOCs which is an average of 2.8% this year.

Arrangements for the TfL Rail extension to Reading are confirmed with Freedom Passes, Veterans Oyster cards and under 11s free travel commencing on December 15th, but only on TfL Rail services.  The contactless only fares for stations beyond West Drayton to Reading will start on January 2nd and will be valid on both TfL-Rail and GWR services.  Buried in the small print in the annexes is the news that daily and weekly capping will be supported.  Hopefully that also means that capping will be extended to the contactless only sections of GTR services.

5 Responses

  1. too expensive

  2. my son is 16 and traveling 2-6 zone 5days a week{student}
    he is using 16 + student oyster card, is there any form of better pass available.

  3. Hi Bincy,

    There may be, but I’d need to know what the actual journey is first.

  4. Abdul Hamid Mourad

    I commute from zone 6 to zone 1 from Monday to Friday off pick times what is the cheapest fare please?

  5. Hi Abdul,

    You’ll need to specify what stations you travel from and to.

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