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Oyster to Hertford North

The latest Oyster and contactess extension started today and brings Cuffley, Bayford and Hertford North into the Oyster system.  Cuffley is in zone 9 while Bayford and Hertford North are in the same pseudo zone as the Broxbourne to Hertford East line.  Fares to London Terminals will be cheaper than currently, and holders of zip 16+ cards will also enjoy half adult rate fares.

The fares have been set by GTR.  An initial analysis has revealed some unfortunate scenarios between Hertford North and Southeastern stations.  The default fare assumes travel via London Bridge and St Pancras and is National Rail only.  Avoiding zone 1 fares have been set up via Stratford and Highbury & Islington but these cost more than the default because they include Undergorund and/or DLR travel.  They also require you to touch the pink readers at both stations, but if you ignore this you’ll be charged the default fare (ie less).  It’s a bit of a mess.

Another anomaly is that zip 5-10 holders travel free from Hertford East, but they are charged child fares from Hertford North.

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  1. Keith White

    The fares from the two Hertford stations however are slightly different, so not sure that they are in the same zone.

  2. Do you know if there’s any grace period or exceptions for the peak time fares?

  3. Hi Keith,

    While the single fares are slightly different, the same travelcard price applies from both branches.

  4. Hi Liam,

    The same general rules apply, so off-peak in the afternoon peak if finishing in zone 1 and the usual few minutes of grace at each end of the peak periods.

  5. Thanks for the confirmation Mike, very much appreciated. The few minutes just before 9:30 will be very useful as I’d like the catch the 9:30 train from Hertford North but don’t want to be paying the full fare!

  6. The pseudo zone for Cuffley and Hertford North is (taken from TfL literature) Zone 11, same as the Hertford East branch line.

  7. Hi Graham,

    I agree with Bayford and Hertford North being zone 11, but Cuffley is zone 9. As with Epsom the weekly travelcard to zones 1-6 is a lot cheaper than the zone 1-9 travelcard, but the daily zone 1-9 caps are cheaper than the existing one-day travelcards.

  8. Hi Mike

    Any idea if an OSI is / is planned to be provided between the Hertfords?

  9. Hi Metheth,

    Extremely unlikely. It’s a longer distance than Ickenham and South Ruislip and would need to be requested by both TOCS.

  10. One for Liam who mentioned the 09:30 train:

    Oyster actually starts off peak at 09:27, so if you can leave touching in right to the last minute you should make it. I frequently take advantage of this as my first “off peak” train at my local station is at 09:29!

  11. London’s Rail & Tube services map has still not been updated to show stations to Hertford North in the Pay as you go area. It only took a day for a new map to be issued when Epsom joined.

  12. Hi Marc,

    Adding Epsom was a relatively easy change. The two lines already existed together so all they had to do was extend the PAYG area border, add the station blob and remove Epsom from the direction arrow below. I think to be sensible the Hertford North extension will warrant moving the Hertford East line nearer to it, so there will be quite a bit of adjustment in the North East corner.

  13. Hi Mike,
    If I am using an 11-15 zip card between Crews Hill (zone 6) and Hertford North, will the fare count towards a cap? If so, which one and how much would the cap cost?
    Thank you very much.

  14. Hi Miles,

    Yes, the cap is the zone 1 to Hertford North cap which is £12.30 all day or £9.40 off-peak.

  15. Thanks Marc,

    As I suggested they have redrawn quite a bit in that area.

  16. Can anyone tell me what the daily cap would be from Hertford North to Canary Wharf (zone 2), travelling through zone 1 please?

    Many thanks

  17. Hi Dan,

    Yes. Check out my fare finder and the relevant caps are displayed under each set of fares. The all day cap is £25.30.

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