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Site Crashed by a YouTube Video

If you tried to access this site on Friday evening there is a fair chance that you found it unavailable.  This obviously wasn’t planned, but coincided with the release of a new video from Geoff Marshall (aka @geofftech).  With almost 100K followers of his YouTube channel, this site recieved an unprecedented spike in demand.  Thankfully all was fixed by the early hours of Saturday morning.  Want to know what the fuss was about?  Take a look, and subscribe to Geoff’s channel if you haven’t already.

5 Responses

  1. Hello, which section on this site contains the map shown in the video? Cheers!

  2. Hi Bob,

    It’s in Fares Guide, then Guide to fare scales.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Nice to finally put a face to a name! First heard about your website a couple of years ago from a @geofftech video, it’s been super useful for me as a Londoner 🙂

    I just wanted to ask, would the route from Whitechapel to Woolwich Arsenal also be cheaper because of the Crossrail fares? And if so, is there a particular route to take? My friend commutes that route every day, so would be super useful for her to know!! Especially since crossrail is now postponed indefinitely.

    Thanks again for your amazing website!

  4. Yes, Woolwich Arsenal has worked for a long time because of the DLR. You can take any route as long as you don’t change at London Terminals

  5. Good to see you on Geoff’s video Mike!
    Londoners are very lucky to have you on-side sorting all these queries out 🙂

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