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2019 Fare Tables

We have today published our fare tables with the 2019 details. The caps and travelcards page has also been updated for next year. All pages can be found on the Fares Guide page. I am waiting on the zonal range data from TfL before being able to provide access to the fare finder for next year.

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  1. Bernard Marriott

    There appears to be an error in the Adult fare table. The fares in the column headed NRT2-T show £6.50 for Z2-8, but £5.90 for Z2-9. Corresponding discrepancies appear in other fare tables.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Thank you very much for spotting that. It’s the Crossrail effect. Each occupied cell in the table has an actual journey associated with it so that the fares can be read from the TfL system rather than me typing them into a file. That cell was Brentwood to Swanley using the via Whitechapel etc route. The fare for that journey assumes that the Elizabeth Line is now running so every leg of it is on National Rail. I’ve now made it use the via Lewisham DLR option which picks up the through fare.

  3. Bernard Marriott

    Hello Mike
    An interesting explanation! I always check my journey histories, and occasionally the fare, and I find your tables the quickest way of checking fares, so thank you for producing them and all the other helpful information.

  4. You’re very welcome.

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