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Bayswater to Queensway – New OSI

I’ve received clarification from TfL that they have indeed added a new OSI between the above two stations.  This means that you can now avoid Notting Hill Gate when changing between Circle/District Lines and the Central Line.

3 Responses

  1. Wondering now whether a new OSI can be created now that TfL run the old Heathrow Connect service at Heathrow T2/3 and T4 and accept Oyster.
    Be useful for people at the Western end of the branch, probably those at Eastern end will continue to change at Acton Town for Ealing Broadway.

  2. I’m not really clear what you’re suggesting here.

  3. What I was meaning was local journeys say from Hounslow stations / Hatton Cross towards West Drayton, Hayes and Southall area could be made via Heathrow terminals.
    This may also prove beneficial when zonal fares are extended further West towards Reading and relieve some congestion at Ealing Broadway.
    Appreciate at the moment it is only 2 TPH from Heathrow but this will increase when Crossrail finally opens.

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