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Oyster Fare Finder (mobile friendly)

A little later than planned, I’m delighted to announce our new mobile friendly Oyster Fare Finder. The links on this site have been updated to use it within the site, but you can also access it directly at https://oysterfares.com/off/. The functionality is very similar to the old version, but on the first screen you now choose which type of Oyster card you want to see fares for. At the top of the results page there is a new button for “amend” so you can check a different card type or just change one of the stations.

The major difference between this and the TfL version is that we still display the zonal coverage of the fares. This can be useful when working out what the default route is likely to be, but also clarifies which zones are required on a travelcard to make the journey, or which daily cap might apply. There are some cases where the default route doesn’t necessarily use the expected zones. Examples include Finsbury Park to Hackney Downs and Mottingham to Woolwich Arsenal.

The old version showing all the fares for each card type is still available on the fares guide page, in the menu on the right hand side.

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  1. Hi. Could you clarify what is the default route between forest hill and old street please? If I change at London Bridge would I pay £5.20 or £3.30 . I will commute daily.

  2. Hi Andree,

    The rule is that if the route you take is described as an alternative then it can’t be the default. Changing at London Bridge is in the description of the alternative route so you’d pay £5.20 for that. The default route will be changing at Whitechapel from Overground to Underground.

  3. I’m trying to figure out the default route between Canary Wharf and Orpington Rail station. The journey planner only suggests changing in zone 1 which sounds like the alternative route.

    Otherwise, would the alternative route be included in a zone 1-6 daily tube cap (£8.25 with 16-25 railcard) as it uses National Rail, not just underground.

  4. Hi Saj,

    The default route covers zones 2-6, so must avoid zone 1. You could take DLR to Lewisham then Southeastern, or Jubilee to Canada Water, Overground to New Cross then Southeastern. There may be other options.

  5. Hi Mike,
    I love the new mobile layout and how the info is displayed. One small request is it possible for the type of ticket e.g. national railcard, to persist especially when doing an amend.

  6. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for reminding me that that was still outstanding. It should work now.

  7. Sorry Mike still does not seem to be working for me. Have tried chrome and edge on my PC and Android chrome on my phone.

  8. Failure between head and fingers. Should now be ok.

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