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May 2018 Fares Revision

Well, not so much a revision (to actual fares), but there will be hundreds of new journeys available to and from Heathrow NR from Sunday 20th May 2018.  That is when the Heathrow Connect operation is transferred to TfL-Rail.  As already mentioned, Heathrow NR will be in zone 6, but single fares to and from the airport will carry a premium.  Oyster and Contactless will NOT be available on Heathrow Express until later in the year.

The premium fares mean that I’ll be adding another column to the fares guide pages. Although the new fares were publicised in a press release in March, there was no mention of fares to West London destinations in zones 3-6 via Ealing Broadway. Watch this space in the early part of next week.

There will also be a number of new journey opportunities using the Thameslink line between St Pancras and Finsbury Park. And early analysis of the routeing changes suggest that there will be new options avoiding zone 1 using the Overground through Peckham Rye.

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  1. Are paper tickets to Zone U1256* valid?

    If so, now that Heathrow Rail is now in Zone 6, it could mean cheaper prices, e.g. a £3.95 railcard single from Limehouse to Heathrow NR, as opposed to £8.30 to the named destination.

  2. No, that wouldn’t be valid. The U Zone tickets are valid for use on LU and DLR once the National Rail journey has ended. TfL Rail is a National Rail operator so you couldn’t use the U Zone part of the ticket on that.

  3. Not directly relevant to the fares revision, but I can’t see another place to comment: the (very useful) farescales map at https://www.oyster-rail.org.uk/fares-guide/guide-to-fare-scales/ doesn’t seem to include the Blackfriars-London Bridge Thameslink line. Is that on the TfL-LU farescale too? (The new St Pancras-Finsbury Park direct link isn’t shown either.)

  4. Hi Betterbee,

    Good spots! Yes, they are both TfL-LU farescale. I’ve added them both in now. Interestingly the TfL website map that I originally used as a basis for this one hasn’t restored Blackfriars to London Bridge yet either.

  5. Thanks – and it looks as if “TL (West Hampstead-London Bridge/Elephant & Castle only)” entry in the table below the map needs Finsbury Park adding, too.

  6. The lack of ticket barriers between LU/Thameslink at Farringdon has created opportunities to only pay the TFL fare, and not the NR addition.

    For example I did Greenwich – Farringdon (on SE and TL), then Farringdon – Paddington (on LU) last weekend.

    I was charged £2.40 (the TFL services only fare), when I should have been charged £3.90.

    There’s no way for TFL to know whether I used the DLR or NR from Greenwich, so I don’t see this changing any time soon. Is there anything they can do about this?

  7. Hi Dan,

    There’s not a lot they can do, no. It only matters for stations with both NR and TfL services so they’ll probably take the hit.

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