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Autumn Fare Changes

This Sunday (3rd September) will see a number of changes to Oyster fares. They affect people travelling via Stratford and Highbury & Islington, from Watford Junction and in the Charing Cross and London Bridge areas. Here are the details:

Stratford and Highbury & Islington. If you have a travelcard on your Oyster which doesn’t include zone 1, and you travel between East of Stratford on the Central Line or TfL Rail and north from Highbury & Islington on the Piccadilly line (Vic to Finsbury Park) or Great Northern, then you will need to touch the pink readers at both Stratford and Highbury & Islington. If you don’t then you’ll be charged a zone 1 single fare and if that puts your PAYG balance negative your whole card will be disabled until the deficit is cleared by a topup.

This has been the case for many pink validators for a number of years so this is just bringing these routes into line. TfL have emailed registered card holders who they believe make these journeys and are putting up posters at affected stations that they control. This doesn’t affect PAYG users who already have to touch both pink validators to get the cheaper fare.

Watford Junction. Off-peak fares from this station to zone 1 are controlled by London Midland who usually make changes in September rather than January. The adult singles to Euston NR and other zone 1 destinations are both going up by 20p while the off-peak cap for zones 1-9+W and the equivalent off-peak day travelcard are going up by 30p.

Charing Cross and London Bridge. The work at London Bridge NR has now reached the point where all trains to and from Charing Cross will be able to stop at London Bridge. This means that ticket acceptance will no longer be in place at Southwark, Waterloo, Embankment and Charing Cross. It also means that full TfL+NR fares will again be charged in conjunction with NR journeys via those stations.

Arrangements will still be available for travel between London Bridge and Cannon Street until the end of the year while those services are unable to call at London Bridge.

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