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Pink Readers – Interchange only

I’ve just been informed that TfL has tightened up the use of pink readers from an unspecified date in March such that they will no longer start a journey if the Oyster card is not touched in at the time. Sadly it appears as though the fact that this was an unpublished feature means that they don’t see a need to communicate it to everyone.

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  1. Hm I’ve always wondered if there was any advantage of pink readers starting Oyster journeys? One example I can think of is someone on a paper ticket from Cambridge or other intermediate stations alighting at Hackney Downs, switching to PAYG at Hackney Central. But are there any others?

  2. Hi Lexi,

    Yes, starting Oyster journeys at places like Hackney and Stratford were easier, but the issue was always that you couldn’t end a journey in the same way. It was a bit of a kludge and I’m quite pleased that they’ve simplified it now.

  3. I recently (last week) travelled on a paper rail ticket to West Brompton, before touching in on Oyster at a pink validator on the overbridge at West Brompton station (without exiting the station) and making a journey onwards to Putney Bridge. My Oyster journey history confirms the touch in was successful and I was charged the correct PAYG fare. Therefore I believe that, at least at that time, it was still possible to touch in on a pink reader.

  4. Hi Adam,

    Well that’s interesting. It contradicts what I was told by the helpdesk when writing the original post above. I’ll need to dig further.

  5. Hi,
    Same experience for me as with Adam. I arrived at Stratford on a paper ticket and then touched in with a pink validator on platforms 1/2 to start an Oyster journey on the Overground. It all worked fine. The date of the journey was 7th Aug 2017.

  6. Hi Keith,

    Well that’s confusing. Stratford was the place where it was reported that it no longer started a journey. I need to try and find out what’s going on.

  7. I’m finding this difficult. How do you avoid zone 1 from Chadwell heath to oval station? It says to go via whitechapel (or canada water or shadwell) and Clapham high street/Clapham north. Also, must touch the pink reader if interchanging at whitechapel or Canada water. So I don’t touch the pink reader at Stratford?

  8. Hi Vixy,

    No need to touch the pink reader at Stratford, you won’t actually go anywhere near it on that journey. I think I’d recommend the Jubilee line, so change at Stratford, Canada Water (pink) and Clapham High Street/North.

  9. What about through Whitechapel? Do you have to go through barriers too

  10. No, Whitechapel is all one station so you’ll need to touch the pink reader there.

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