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Night tube fares

So the night tube finally started tonight on the Central and Victoria lines. The fares are just normal off-peak fares, including connecting onto any of the through the night National Rail services. Capping also applies, mostly linked to the previous daytime. The detail is as follows:

If the time of touch in at the start of the journey is before 0430 then the whole journey will be treated as part of the previous day and will count towards any cap accumulated for that day.

If the time of touch in at the start of the journey is from 0430 or later then the journey is treated as part of the new day. As the new day is a weekend day the off-peak cap (if applicable) counts straight away. Fares are still off-peak of course.

Gatwick truth (updated)

Yesterday I made some journeys to and from Gatwick to check out various questions. I’ve updated the post above, but here are the main points:

  • Auto topup won’t work if you have between £10 and the entry threshold at either Gatwick Airport or the Express gateline (p13/14) at Victoria. The gate will refuse entry citing insufficient funds.
  • The entry threshold at Gatwick takes no account of whether you have reached (or might reach) the daily cap for Gatwick. You still need the full single fare to enter even if you won’t be charged anything for the journey.
  • Between 1600-1900 you need the peak single non-express fare to London even though if you go to London zone 1 you’ll be charged the off-peak fare.
  • If you do use the gates to p13/14 and travel on a Southern train you will be charged the correct fare to any station other than Gatwick, but there is no OSI so any tube or Southeastern journey will not get linked and you may be overcharged.

Oyster and Gatwick – The truth

Ever since Oyster was expanded to cover the whole National Rail network within the zones there has been a desire by the government for it to be accepted for journeys on the express services to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. There are a number of issues which have prevented progress, but when Govia Thameslink Railway were awarded the management contract to run Great Northern, Thameslink, Southern and Gatwick Express, enabling Oyster (and contactless as well by now) on the Express was one of the key target deliverables. Initially the idea was to allow Oyster on Gatwick Express services only, Read the rest of this entry »