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Bus cap discounted by railcards

An eagle eyed site visitor (thanks Thomas) has noticed that the bus/tram cap can be discounted by adding a railcard to your Oyster.  The reason is that the discounted zone 1-2 off-peak cap (£4.25) is now less than the bus cap (£4.40).  Unless you have a disabled railcard, this only applies if all the bus and tram journeys are after 0930 M-F.  Obviously if you use rail outside zone 1-2 then the cap will increase to the relevant level.

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  1. To clarify the above, the £4.25 bus cap applies if tube or rail occurs in Zones 1 and 2. If tube or rail travel occurs in any other zone, then the bus cap is £4.40. For example, if three or more bus journeys are made before any tube or rail journeys, then the bus cap of £4.25 applies. If a tube or rail journey is made outside Zones 1 and 2, then a further bus journey is made, that bus journey will be charged at 15p, raising the bus cap to £4.40, with any subsequent bus journeys not being charged.

  2. Thanks Nicholas, that makes sense.

  3. …assuming of course the tube or rail journey outside zone 2 didn’t already take you up to another relevant cap!

    What I would very much like to know myself is what the cap will be if someone uses buses and/or trains in zone 1-2 to reach the zone 1-2 cap, and then proceeds to join a tram.

  4. Hi Thomas,

    It will not charge more. The restriction is for travelcards, not caps.

  5. Seeing that the zone 1-2 discounted off-peak cap is the same as the bus cap now (at £4.50) this thread doesn’t apply anymore?

  6. Thanks Crispin,

    I hadn’t spotted that. I’ll leave the post though becasue it may apply again once the mayor’s fare freeze comes to an end.

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