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Contactless Pilot Days 3-9

Oh dear, I seem to have got behind updating this.  The good news is that there aren’t any show-stopping problems so far.  Comments are always welcome and will be fed back to TfL if relevant.  It’s now getting more exciting as I’ve been asked to download an app and record details of my experiences as I travel.  The app has loaded and I’ve set it up, so I’m ready to go.  But first, the last few days … Read the rest of this entry »

Unexpected transactions on May 1st

If your bank or credit card account shows an unexpected £20 or £40 debit for TfL then it’s likely that you were involved in a systems issue in February.  Around 750 Oyster cards were auto topped up on Wednesday 19th February but when TfL tried to collect the funds the next day there was a problem.  The issue has now been rectified and TfL re-processed the transactions on 1st May.

If this scenario makes sense then you don’t need to do anything, but you are welcome to contact the helpdesk with your Oyster card number and they will confirm whether or not you were involved.