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Blackfriars to Southwark OSI

During the last week I’ve had a chance to test out the new OSI between Blackfriars and Southwark.  This has been described as a temporary one while the work at London Bridge moves forward, although I think a case could be made for keeping it permanently.  The walk took 7-10 minutes depending on how busy the traffic was on Blackfriars Bridge which is quite reasonable.  There is unfortunately a flaw which means caution should be exercised when making journeys across zone 1.

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Travelcard extensions

It’s been a while since any updates have been posted here, but today there might be a few all at once.

Firstly, Matt Dickinson has noticed that LU ticket machines (POMs) are being rolled out with an upgrade.  When you touch your Oyster with a travelcard loaded on the pad it offers you a list of stations.  Alongside each one it says whether your travelcard covers the journey or whether you can use PAYG, and it then offers the ability to top up.  It also lists some stations outside the Oyster area where presumably it will sell you the required extension ticket from the boundary of your travelcard.

Matt reports that some of the fares appear to be wrong (Potters Bar) or missing (St Albans).  I’ll hopefully get a chance to try one of these out in the near future, but it seems to be tied in with the aspiration to close ticket offices.

I’d be very interested in any reports from site visitors who might use this feature.