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Shock – some people will miss OEPs!

There are just 25 and a bit days to go until the OEP is consigned to history.  Most of those who have heard about them will rejoice that they can finally use their travelcard enabled Oyster properly again, just like they used to before January 2010.  But, it seems, there are a small number of people who Read the rest of this entry »

Tram Update – Now ends rail journey

An eagle eyed site visitor has tipped me off that if you change between train and tram at either Elmers End or Wimbledon you do not need to end the rail journey as well as start a tram journey.  You must touch in on the tram boarding validator, but Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Soon – Cannon St->Bank

Yes, it’s really happening this time.  According to a response from a freedom of information request, TfL have confirmed that this long ignored out-of-station interchange will be introduced from 22nd May 2011.  You can read the full Read the rest of this entry »

OEP Countdown

Just for a little fun I’ve added a countdown to the end of the OEP above the menu on the left.  As it started there were a little over 50 days remaining.  Yes, that’s just 50 more days for Southeastern to fleece some of their most loyal season ticket holders for the crime of not knowing about the OEP.