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Touching in twice

I’ve recently become aware of an issue at some National Rail stations, e.g. Stratford, Barking.  These are stations where people will often arrive from outside the Oyster area on a paper ticket and wish to continue using their Oystercard without visiting the gateline.  These stations sometimes have yellow standalone readers which record either entry or exit, often with a sign telling PAYG users to touch in here.  You might not want to do this. Read the rest of this entry »

Canada Water to the rescue!

If you travel from Sutton (or further out) to Whitechapel or beyond using Southern to West Croydon and then London Overground you will probably be overcharged.  This is because the oyster system decides that you are likely to have used First Capital Connect to Farringdon followed by Hammersmith and City to Whitechapel.  This issue was first highlighted by Barry Doe in RAIL magazine earlier this year. Read the rest of this entry »

New Pink Route Validators

I have finally received a reply to my suggestion that TfL need to install a pink route validator at Surrey Quays.  Whilst not promising anything specific, it does appear as though there will be some new opportunities to avoid zone 1 in the new year.  Here is the reply: Read the rest of this entry »