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New Pages for Trams and Wimbledon

I recently needed to visit Wimbledon and decided to use the tram to Croydon in one direction for a bit of variety.  I was struck by how poor the instructions for touching in and out were, especially when interchanging between train or tube and tram.  It seems like they have forgotten to update the instructions since Oyster started being accepted on National Rail from Wimbledon.  The explanation alongside the pink route validators also fail to specify that  they are not appropriate when interchanging with a tram.

In view of this I have set up two new pages, one covering usage of Oyster on Trams and Buses and another explaining the unusual arrangements required at Wimbledon.

Oyster online website shut

The Oyster online section of the TfL website has been shut since Friday evening for important maintenance.  The closure was publicised beforehand, although it didn’t say it would happen before midnight Friday.  While the maintenance is fair enough, what has annoyed me is that all the information pages about Oyster have also been taken offline.  Surely they could have kept that information live, even if they had to copy it to another address on the main TfL site.

Edit: Madness!  Any page on the Oyster website suggests that you can call the Oyster helpline for help, but when you call the helpline it says that it is closed because of 3rd Party maintenance.  I wonder how much money BT will make out of that useless piece of advice?

Maximum Journey Loophole

I picked up this little gem on another website this week.  If you have over run the maximum journey time by just a few minutes and you are at an out of station interchange then there might be a way out of the incomplete journey penalty.  Thanks to Phil for allowing me to share his story: Read the rest of this entry »