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Travel one more stop and pay less!

It’s official, travelling a stop further on than you need to can actually reduce the fare you are charged!  Following on from the recent story about the missing route validator at Surrey Quays, this morning I went from  Crayford to Honor Oak Park via New Cross and Canada Water.  Read the rest of this entry »

London Bridge OSI fixed

The possibility of proving two points in one trip proved too hard to resist today, so once again I ventured out on the trains.  On the way back I exited via the Southern gateline at London Bridge and re-entered via the Southeastern gateline.  This time the system correctly charged me just one journey, so it looks like they have finally sorted out this issue.

An Unusual Refund

A couple of weeks ago I had a surprising email from Transport for London.  It told me that I was due a refund of £4 because of an ‘operational issue’.  It said that the refund was ready to be picked up from London Bridge Underground station.  This was just the start of a whole new discovery.  Read the rest of this entry »

TfL forget ELL route validator

The East London Line has re-opened and from this Sunday (23rd May) will provide direct services from Dalston Junction to West Croydon and Crystal Palace.  That’s great, but there’s a vital piece of equipment missing at Surrey Quays if you change there when travelling between New Cross and New Cross Gate.

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Don’t use the bus (part 2)

I’ve had a reply to my letter about breaking an OSI by using a bus.  The person answering the letter has not understood what I was trying to say, so I’ve sent back an email reply explaining it in a different way.  At least this letter has been answered, unlike the earlier ones concerning the broken OSI at London Bridge.

And a reply arrives the same day to this followup email.  They do understand what I’m saying, but there is no way to allow a bus to be used in the middle of a rail journey.  At least we now know.