After a recent trip to Wimbledon I have decided that the special circumstances that apply here warrant a page all to themselves.  Wimbledon is unique in that the tram stop is actually within a gated National Rail station which causes all kind of issues for Oyster PAYG users.  Some of the tram specific issues have already been covered on the Trams and Buses page, so here I will concentrate on interchanging between modes at Wimbledon.

Oyster Readers at Wimbledon

Plan of Wimbledon stationFirst though, a brief explanation of the different readers.  There are standard entry and exit readers on both gatelines at each end of the overbridge.  Then there are two ‘tram boarding’ readers on platform 10 next to where the trams stop.  These can be identified by the large green label on the front explaining that you need to touch in before boarding the tram.  There are also two standard entry/exit validators facing platform 9.  The side of the validators facing the footbridge on platforms 9 and 10 now have extra signage making it clearer which is used for each mode of transport.  In the mini-concourse at the end of platforms 1-4 there are two pink route validators and at the beginning of each of platforms 1-4 are more entry/exit validators.  Click on the image to see a plan of the station with the locations of the various types of reader. Note that FCC on the plan should now read GTR.

Interchange where both journeys use Oyster

Next I’ll cover what to do when using Oyster for both incoming and outgoing journeys.

Arriving by Tram, leaving by National Rail or Tube

When you arrive on a tram and intend to continue your journey by rail or tube you need to touch in before doing so.  This can be done at the two entry/exit validators facing platform 9.  You need to do this even if you are travelling by South West Trains (platforms 5-8) as there are no validators on those platforms.  If you are leaving by the District Line (platforms 1-4) then note that the pink route validators on the mini concourse should not be used because they do not record entry.  You may use the yellow entry/exit validators on platforms 1-4 if you haven’t already used the ones on platform 9.

Arriving by National Rail or Tube, leaving by Tram

The tram boarding validators at Wimbledon have recently been specially programmed to end any valid open rail journey before deducting the tram fare.  This means that you don’t need to touch on any other validators apart from the ones on platform 10.  Don’t worry if  you do touch out on either the entry/exit validators on platforms 1-4, or the ones on platform 9, because that will still work.  Before boarding the tram you must touch in on the tram validators facing the tram on platform 10.  As above, you should not use the pink validators on the mini concourse in front of platforms 1-4.

Arriving by National Rail, leaving by Tube, or vice-versa

In both these instances there is no need to touch in or out on any yellow validators.  What you should do is touch on the pink route validators in the mini concourse next to platforms 1-4.  This will ensure that you don’t get charged a higher fare if an alternative route would take you into zone 1.

Interchange where one journey uses paper tickets

Sometimes you may arrive at Wimbledon, or be intending to depart, using a paper ticket.  Usually this will mean that your travel takes you beyond the Oyster area using South West Trains.  In effect you are either starting or finishing your Oyster journey at Wimbledon without using the gates to enter or exit (as long as you already have the paper ticket when intending to leave).  The following paragraphs describe how to start or end the Oyster journey and assume the opposite of arrival or departure is using paper tickets.

Departure by Tube or other National Rail

In both cases you need to touch in to start your Oyster journey.  This can be done using the yellow validators on platforms 1-4 (if using the tube) or on platform 9 (if using GTR).  Do not use either the pink validators in the concourse at the end of platforms 1-4 or the tram boarding validators on platform 10. If you are changing between two SWT services (platforms 5-8) then unfortunately you will need to use the overbridge and might as well exit and enter via the gateline.

Arrival by Tube or other National Rail

In both cases you need to touch out to end your Oyster journey.  This can be done using the yellow validators on platforms 1-4 (if using the tube) or platform 9 (if using GTR).  Do not use either the pink validators in the concourse at the end of platforms 1-4 or the tram boarding validators on platform 10. If you are changing between two SWT services (platforms 5-8) then unfortunately you will need to use the overbridge and might as well exit and enter via the gateline.

Departure by Tram

All you need to do is touch on the tram boarding validators on platform 10 before getting on the tram.

Arrival by Tram

This is the easiest one of all.  You do not need to touch any Oyster readers.  Just make your way to the SWT platforms and go.

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  1. Thanks Mike, I suspected as much, but good to have it confirmed.

  2. Mike,

    I had a question on which I needed your advice. I was looking for a route from Wimbledon Chase to London Waterloo and then on to the underground. TFL seems to indicate that the easiest way is to walk/ bus to Raynes Park and then SWT to Waterloo. Wouldn’t it save on time to take a train to WIM and then change to SWT (from FCC) from there? TFL doesn’t show this route which set me thinking whether such an interchange was allowed or not? Also, would it be right to assume that a Zone 1-3 travel card/ oyster would work for all of the journey?
    many thanks for your response.


  3. Hi Gaurav,

    The interchange is fine but the frequency of trains at Raynes Park compared to Wimbledon Chase probably tips the balance. They may also allow a disproportionately large time to change at Wimbledon compared to bus-train at Raynes Park. And zone 1-3 would be fine as well.

  4. Thanks Mike. Hadn’t thought of that. Let me check the timetables to see if they suit my purpose.

  5. I travel from Wallington (zone 5) to teddington (zone 6) via Wimbledon (zone 3.) I am currently using a 2-5 travelcard on my oyster and then paying the 5-6 part via pay as you go. When I change platform at Wimbledon, do I need to tap the reader on platform 9 or can I just change trains and finish my journey by tapping out at Teddington?

  6. Hi Dawn,

    You don’t need to touch anything at Wimbledon. Why does your travelcard cover zone 2? A zones 3-6 version would cost the same and not require any PAYG.

  7. I am still confused. I have zone 2-3 travel card. have to travel from Wandle Park tram to Wimbledon via tram and then interchange from Wimbledon to Vauxhall on platform 5. I understand I have to touch in Oyster before boarding tram on Wandle Park. Do I need to touch out at Wimbledon for interchanging onto train at Wimbledon? There will be a final exit via barriers at Vauxhall. For completing this whole tram-train journey, how many touch in/outs I need.


  8. Hi Mani,

    As you have a travelcard covering the whole journey you only need to touch out at Vauxhall (to get through the gates).

  9. Thanks Mike.

  10. Hi.

    I’m moving to worcester park and will be using worcester park station travelling by south west rail to waterloo and then catching a tube to Westminster for my daily journey to and from work, at peak times.

    Would my zone 1-4 Oyster card cover me for both the rail and tube part of this journey?

    Thank you

  11. Yes it will.

  12. Hi Mike

    What if you are arriving by tram into wimbledon but not continuing a journey?

    Do you just touch out at the gates? or the platform validator and then the gates?

  13. Hi Russell,

    Follow the instructions on the Trams and Buses page on this site.

  14. Can I use my Oyster to travel Rail from St Pancras to Wimbledon (FCC) and return the same way? If so do I just use yellow readers at both stations and tap in and out in the usual way please?

  15. Hi Nicky,

    Yes, that is fine. Wimbledon is just like any other train station if you are using Oyster and only using trains or tubes.

  16. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for this website. I visited London earlier this year. I now see that I am not the only one to become confused in Wimbledon Station. Someone above suggested that large signs be put up within the station giving directions. Good idea. For people like myself who like to plan visits in detail ahead of time, may I suggest that someone make available a downloadable floor plan of the station labeled with walking routes and Oyster card procedures for various connections.

  17. Hi I am movin to Mitcham and will be using the tram. I found out that I get charged the full rate £1.45 each way is this correcut? I went to Croydon which is the same price yet 3 times as far. Can I get a cheaper rate for my shorter journey?

  18. Hi Margaret,

    Both trams and buses work on a flat fare system in London. It’s the same price whether you travel one stop or from one end of the route to the other.

  19. Hi,

    I am starting a job in London and I get the train to Wimbledon from Southfields. I then need the tram to Morden Road.

    So do I touch in at Southfields then just touch in on the tram and it will work out what I’ve done or do I need to touch a validator on the platform to end the journey.

    Same vice versa when I get off the train at Wimbledon to go back to Southfields do I touch in at Morden Road then touch out Southfields or use the validators?

    Thanks :)

  20. Hi Danielle,

    You are right about the journey to Morden Road, touching the tram boarding validator will end the tube journey and register a tram board. On the way back you need to touch a validator by the entrance to the tube platforms to start your tube journey.

  21. Although this site is for Oyster cards,I am hoping you can help me or direct me to someone who can.I have in fact a Freedom Pass.Sometimes I make the journey using the tram from Waddon Marsh to Wimbledon then change over to the District Line to go to Fulham Broadway.Apart from touching in at WM and then touching out at FB,are there other places at Wimbledon that I should carry out any or either of these actions.

  22. Hi Pete,

    A freedom pass is like a travelcard so there is no need to touch if you aren’t going through gates.

  23. Just to add a bit of complication:
    I have a zone 3-6 season on my Oystercard. If I travel from eg Teddington to Wimbledon, then on by tube, I always go out of the gateline at Wimbledon, then back in, rather than touching the pink reader. Why? It saves me a pound!
    My season covers me to Wimbledon, but if I then use PAYG on the tube portion via the pink reader, it charges the tube journey at National Rail extension rates, rather than at TFL rates, which is what happens if I break my journey into two!

  24. I found this page as I got caught out by the platform 9/10 reader issue as above. I wondered why it said ‘board tram’ when I interchanged, then said ‘enter’ when I existed my national rail destination!
    Luckily, as I have a season, it did not charge for my ‘incomplete’ journey. The annoying thing was I had missed my train trying to understand all the notices! And I still got it wrong!

  25. Hi Burgess,

    That’s one of the annoying complications of the fragmented fare structure we have in London. The sooner the Mayor gets to set all fares within the zonal area the better.

  26. Hi,
    I go from Surbiton to South Kensington, inter changing at Wimbledon from train to tube, am I right in saying I should tap the pink card reader not the yellow on the platforms? My husband yesterday didn’t touch any of the readers at Wimbledon when interchanging and was charged £5.30 (on a Sunday!!) Which I means his journey was is classed as incomplete? Any help you can give would be appreciated!

  27. Hi Beth,

    South Kensington is in zone 1 so there is no difference in fares. The incomplete journey charge (£5.20) is the same as a zone 1-6 NR plus TfL mixed journey which is what Surbiton to South Kensington is. There is one way to reduce the cost a little, but it will add some time to the journey. If you touch out and back in again at East Putney then the journey is split in two with Surbiton to East Putney costing £2.40 and East Putney to South Kensington costing £2.30. This only works because East Putney is on the border of zones 2 and 3 so you don’t pay for a zone twice. There is a similar saving if you change between NR and Underground at Vauxhall where the overall journey is £4.90, but you would have an extra Underground leg changing at Victoria.

  28. hi,
    if I m travelling from Gants Hill to Wimbledon (via tube to Waterloo and then via SWT from Waterloo to Wimbledon), is there any special instruction for Waterloo change between Tube and SWT. Do I touch Yellow or pink at the exit at Wimbledon? Again for the retune journey, I guess the same rule applies

  29. Hi Rahul,

    If Wimbledon is the end of your rail journey then just touch a yellow reader at the gateline as usual.

  30. Thank you Mike. Will there be a difference in cost reaching Wimbledon via tube+SWT vs via tube (Central+district) only from Gants Hill??

  31. Hi Rahul,

    Yes. Full details of possible routes and their costs are on the single fare finder. The default route is for tube only.

  32. Hi Mike, I hereby inform you that all FCC trains have been taken over by GTR, the new company operating the Thameslink route

  33. Yes, I suppose I ought to get round to changing this page at some point.

  34. Hi Mike! Are all of the issues around taping in and out at Wimbledon somewhat eased if you have a monthly travel card rather than being pawg? I will be traming from Croydon the Wimbledon and the on the tube to Earls Court for work from next week.

  35. Hi David,

    Yes, all you need is a zone 2-3 travelcard and then you only need to touch where there are gates that need to be opened in terms of that journey (so just Earls Court probably).

  36. Hi Mike,
    I’m looking to move shortly and Wimbledon is one of the areas I’m looking at. I’ll be commuting to Baker Street every day. It looks like it’s easiest for me to get the train from Wimbledon to Waterloo and then pick up the Jubilee there, rather than getting the District line up. Am I right in thinking a zone 1-3 travelcard would cover the train journey here? I’ve never had a travelcard and only ever travelled by tube, so I’m a bit confused about the trains! Many thanks

  37. Hi Michelle,

    Yes, that would be fine. Travelcards are valid on all rail services within their zones apart from High Speed 1 and Heathrow Express/Connect trains at the Heathrow end.

  38. Usually when interchanging between the district line and the tram at Wimbledon I just touch the pink reader by platforms 1-4-I know you say don’t do this but in the past it has always recorded everything correctly. I recently used contactless on this journey for the first time: came off the tube, touched the pink reader and then the tram reader. The tube journey into Wimbledon has been auto-completed. This didn’t happen whenever I did the journey using Oyster.

  39. Hi Phil,

    Now I’m confused. First you say that it always recorded everything correctly, then you say that the auto complete didn’t happen before. Ignoring the pink readers, if you have an open rail/tube journey and you touch the tram boarding validator then the rail/tube journey will be ended. I guess it’s just possible that a pink reader touch on Oyster might confuse the system so that it looks like the journey isn’t completed, but still charges correctly. Is that what happened? I’d certainly expect contactless to make a better job of filtering the touches to get the desired result.

  40. Hi Mike,

    I have a 60+ Oyster card and a senior railcard and wish to travel by tube from Gloucester Road to Wimbledon and then at Wimbledon switch to SWT and catch a train to Dorking. What’s the cheapest return journey as I wish to make the trip early evening weekday?
    I appreciate your help.

  41. Hi Nick,

    You’ll need a boundary zone 6 to Dorking ticket.

  42. Dear Mike,
    I have to travel daily from Wimbledon to Epsom, can I use oyster for that or I need to purchase return tickets.
    Also it there any rail pass as I will be traving daily on this route?

  43. Hi Yunus,

    You can’t use Oyster yet, though the extension is on the list of ones to be added. There is a season ticket though you need to travel more than 4 days for a weekly to be cost effective. For a monthly you’d need to make more than 16 return trips.

  44. How come when I travel from Marylebone TO Wimbledon (tube + SW trains) I am charged £5, but on my evening return journey I am charged £2.60 Where am I going wrong?

  45. Hi Caroline,

    You’re not going wrong at all. The anytime cap for zones 1-3 is £7.60. £5.00 is the peak single fare for your journey, but the return is capped. However, you can make the journey cheaper still. Have you tried taking the Bakerloo line to Paddington and then the District line to Wimbledon? This will charge £3.30 in the morning and £2.80 in the evening because journeys from outside zone 1 ending in zone 1 are charged off-peak in the evening peak. So a total of £6.10.

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