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New Improved Oyster Fare Finder

I am delighted to announce the arrival of a new version of our Oyster Fare Finder.  There have been some cosmetic tweaks to make the adult fares stand out more, plus a major new addition.

Alongside each route description is a statement describing the zonal coverage of that route.  This may help when deciding what route is used by the default fare.  It also clarifies which route is assumed when there are two completely different routes using different zone combinations.  It can also help decide whether a travelcard will cover a journey, or which cap may be applied as a result of making the journey.

As an explanation of the above, consider two sample journeys.

Abbey Wood (4) to Mottingham (4).  Both stations are in zone 4, but to travel between them you either need to pass through zone 6 or change at Lewisham in zone 3.  The fare finder confirms that the journey covers zones 4-6 because that way you can use direct trains.  If you had a zone 3-4 travelcard you may want to travel via Lewisham to avoid using your PAYG balance.  You can do that, but you’ll need to touch out, touch on a bus and touch back in again at Lewisham to force the journey to be split.

Finsbury Park (2) to Hackney Central (2).  This one surprised me when it was pointed out.  The obvious route, to me, is via Highbury & Islington and involves zone 2 only.  But the default route covers zones 2-3.  This takes you via Seven Sisters and the link bridge between Hackney Downs and Central. Therefore, if you have a zone 1-2 travelcard you must touch the pink reader at Highbury & Islington if you go that way to avoid being charged for zone 3.


4 Responses

  1. Just had a go – looks great. Thanks!

  2. Looks great. Next time you’re looking at enhancing it, consider allowing entry of stations by CRS code.

  3. Hi-hope I am posting in the right place…
    I will be in London for a couple of days in September and will be staying near Heathrow. I was going to use a contactless card to use capped zone 1-6 rates around London. I do need to go from Heathrow to Gravesend one of those days. What is the best/cheapest way to achieve that.

  4. Hi,

    I hate the word best because it is so subjective. The high speed line between St Pancras and Gravesend would definitely be quickest, but also very expensive.

    As long as you don’t need to travel before 0930 on that day then I would buy and off-peak zones 1-6 travelcard and supplement that with a boundary zone 6 to Gravesend return. You can buy the latter at Charing Cross (or any other NR station) before you get the train to Gravesend. This avoids the need to know which line you’ll use to get to Dartford (and then Gravesend) and means you won’t have to get off the train to touch out your contactless card. The off-peak travelcard is only a little more than the zones 1-6 cap.

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